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Art is free! Artists imprisoned?

Die Austrian students association invits you to ther solidarity action!

Art is free? The artists are imprisoned?

Because of the decision being made on Monday, 13 th August, in Genua, the ÖH starts a solidarity action on
monday, 13.8.01, 10 am, altes AKH, hof 2,

With this solidarity action we demand the release of all prisoners in Genua and visualise the networking and the peaceful use of the "weapons" of the artists.

Art has to be free! PublixTheatreCaravan also!

die hochschuelerInnenschaft wien
more information: katharina m. bischof 0699/11895997 oder 0676/7494191 (press relations of hochschuelerInnenschaft wien) .

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Solidarity demonstration in Amsterdam

On Monday (august 13th) there is a demonstration in
Amsterdam in solidarity with the people who are still in jail in
Genoa. We gather at 1 pm in front of the central station. A
mobile exhibition about the police behaviour and arrests will
be part of the demo. After a tour though the city the group
will end at the Dam (square).

The action is at the same time as the hearings of 25 people,
including the 2 from Amsterdam. They are in jail for almost
three weeks already because of some pocket knives,
juggling stuff, theatre equipment and some black clothes.
We demand the direct release of the people who are still
imprisoned in Genoa! But with this exhibition we also want
to get attention for the increasing repression against
international protests; Göteborg, Genoa… What's next?
Come all to this demonstration!

More info will follow on www.aseed.net

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Rhiz 17.8.


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Soli - Party im WUK 18.8.

SPACEANT, Duke & Gon (Fettsquad), Decode: ON T.S. (Twentyone soundsystem) ZOOL&B2B&SPECTRON (The krek), Extruder (Illy)

entryfee: 70 ATS for the legal support

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blue box streetparty 19.8.

10 - 22h, hernach djs hergo, hutti, christof kurzmann, herbie

soli -fee von 2.- per drink,
djs play for free, blue box doubbles dj-gage

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b 72 - 22.8.


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Antinational HARDWARE summerparty
24.8.2001 - Tüwi Vienna

For the first time ever, there will be an antinationales Hardware Summerparty in Vienna on Friday 24 August !

Lots of information, Cocktails, vegan food, and two bands: PETROGRAD from Luxembourg und Dudelange (fantastic Anarcho-Pop-Punk...and this time they will be here for sure) und ZEMEZLUC from Brno (cool HC-Punk)!

The party is a solidarity act for the "No Nation - No Border Volxtheater" people , who are imprisoned in Italy!

24.8.2001, start 20h,
TÜWI Peter-Jordan-Str. 176, 1190 Vienna,
Buslines 10a und 40a

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25.8. gürtel nightwalk
soli - fee 2.- per drink
rhiz, b72

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2. 9. fleemarket - rhiz
rhiz, lerchenfeldergürtel bögen 37/38 1080 wien
15-21 uhr, rhiz-djs
soli-fleemarket in or on front of hte rhiz. (depending on the weather) Everybody is invited to sell and buy everything in solidarity with the Caravan.
Viva la libreriadad!

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6 .9. b72

line up: charhizma presents: b. fleischmann/efzeg/christof

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27.9. rhiz

live: martin siewert, radian

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8.9. Asyl in Not Flüchtlingsfest Arena

Asyl in Not invits the PublixTheatreCaravan

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8.9. onborder- noborder

Party on kleylehof in burgenland for the released prisoners

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