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Fon: ++43-676-324 38 20
Mail: noborder@no-racism.net
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Press: (Tanya Bednar)
Fon: ++43-699-105 24 631
Mail: tb@t0.or.at

Legal support: ++43-676-677 00 15

Evidence material for the defence: videofreundin@yahoo.com

Please notice: The old PublixTheatreCaravan- telephone number is not available any more!

Most of the documentation material that shows the VolxTheaterCaravanas´performances and their "weapons" in their real meaning, has been fiscated. If you have any evidence for the defence (video, photo, ... ) that shows the caravan at one of their performances, please report to videofreundin@yahoo.com!


Contact PublixTheatreCaravan in the prisons

To all friends, relatives, supporters, and all the people who want to write letters to them:
Adress of the prisions in Italy:

Voghera ( women) :
casa circondariale
viaprati noovi 7
italy 27058 voghera (pv)
tel: 0039 03 83 21 22 22

Alessandria (men):
nuova casa di reclusione
san michele strada statale 31
italy 15040 alessandria (al)
Paria 0039 08 82 57 470